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Welcome to Art Lease

Art Lease was established in Hong Kong in the year 2000 with the aim of providing quality artworks to corporate offices in Hong Kong.

Since its inception, Art Lease has established its reputation as the leading art rental business in the city and has built up an extensive portfolio of fine art including paintings and sculpture by recognized local and international artists.




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Rent or Commission Artworks

For clients, service providers and customers, the impact of walking into an office displaying fine art is abundantly important. The allure of well-displayed art has an immediate and significant influence on the customers impression of a company and the type of people working within its walls.

The advantage Art Lease offers potential clients is the opportunity to access high quality artworks on a cost effective basis with a favorable levels of flexibility built into the terms of the rental agreement. 



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Browse our catalogue featuring a multitude of pieces from local and international artists. Find the ideal Paintings, Photographs and Sculptures for your space.